To help brands navigate COVID-19, for the next month we're giving free access to Alloy for a select retailer. See how daily, DC & store-level analytics help you improve allocation, fulfillment, and plan adjustment decisions based on the latest consumer sales.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Using customizable dashboard templates, like the COVID-19 Executive Dashboard, quickly answer key questions, such as:

  • Does inventory need to be moved from stores to e-commerce warehouses to meet demand?
  • Should I propose a CPFR practice with a particular retailer to ensure the right products are getting to the right places?
  • Should I adjust production to increase supply of product category A but reduce it for product category B?

Trial Benefits

  • Automatic daily updates of retailer sales data, forecast and supply plan, broken down to the DC and store level so you can assess how demand is shifting and respond quickly
  • Up & running in one week with no IT support required thanks to Alloy’s pre-built connectors and out-of-the box analytics 
  • Solutions consulting experts with you from Day 1 to train your team and ensure your trial is delivering meaningful insights
  • Cloud-based solution that aligns perfectly with today’s remote working environment


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See how Alloy can be your COVID-19 control tower



"Alloy is definitely helping us, especially to . manage inventory relative to current sales trends,  week-by-week as COVID picks up. It's a good tool and we're super excited to have it!" 

~ Alloy customer in the hardware industry