COVID-19 Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Alloy COVID Demo Final

Alloy automatically extracts and provides retailer sell-through, inventory, and forecasts on a daily basis, so you can closely track what’s happening in your supply chain right now. With all of your most recent data in one place, you can easily monitor how Coronavirus is shifting consumer demand week to week, across products and key retailers, and pinpoint critical inventory risks. 

  • Prioritize day-to-day replenishment needs by drilling down to the SKU/store level, identifying current out-of-stocks resulting in lost sales for your business
  • Highlight item-location combinations with low Days of Supply that have potential near term risks to become out-of-stock based on the most recent sell-through patterns
  • Proactively recommend adjustments to retailer orders when their algorithms are too slow to respond to the latest sell-through and prevent mismatches that lead to out-of-stocks or overstocks

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